Kairos Prison Ministry

Kairos is an outgrowth of Cursillo and is a prison ministry of continuing presence. Once a person commits to serve on a team, he or she has committed to eight meetings for team preparation, to the three days of the weekend event conducted in the prison, and to a monthly reunion of team and residents each month for twelve months. It is an awesome commitment, and only the mystery we read of in Matthew 25:33 can explain why busy people are willing to take on such a task, and do it repeatedly. Guided by a simple motto of “Listen, Listen, Love, Love,” it is a ministry practiced in groups rather than individually. If you would like additional information about Kairos in the Diocese of Alabama, please contact Wilson Webb.

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Happening! in Alabama

A Christian experience in a program designed for high school youth. It is one of the instruments to renew the church in the power of the Holy Spirit, that the church my respond more readily to its call to spread the Kingdom of God throughout out the world. During a two day gathering, participants experience the love of our Lord Jesus Christ as shown through the sacraments and the ministry of fellow students, clergy, and lay adults. Teens are encouraged to take a renewed faith back into their worlds to “make a friend, be a friend, and bring a friend to Christ.” Happening – A Christian Experience endorses the theological statement of the National Youth Ministry Office of the Episcopal Church. This program is facilitated by the National Happening Leadership Conference, the Happening National Committee and the Happening Information Service. If you would like additional information about Happening in the Diocese of Alabama you can contact Crystal Jones.

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Epiphany Ministry, Inc.

Epiphany Ministry is an ecumenical Christian ministry for young men and women who are in the custody of Juvenile Custody Facilities. The weekend models on which it is based are: Chrysalis, Cross, Cursillo, Happening, Kairos Prison Ministry, and Walk to Emmaus. Their purpose is to manifest God’s love to incarcerated youth, known as “stars”, through a three-day short course in Christianity and an ongoing follow-up program. Each Epiphany weekend involves a team of adults and youth from the Christian community who work together to show the love of God to those attending.

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Vocare (Vo-car’-ee)

Latin “to call” or “Let yourself hear Christ’s Call”. Vocare is an instrument of renewal in the Church for young adults aged 19 – 30. Its aim is to concentrate closely on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. Our faith is seriously examined in a relaxed, fun and informal, loving atmosphere. Vocare is an experience that gives those who attend the desire to understand and serve the Church. What’s more, it provides a means to continue the Christian formation which is just begun in the three-day program. If you would like additional information about Vocare in the Diocese of Alabama you can contact the Rev. Ken Fields.

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