The Cursillo community in the Diocese of Alabama is one of the strongest in the nation and still maintaining momentum after 39 years, and we’re nearly 9,000 pilgrims strong! Our vibrant movement has transformed many lives and inspired countless acts of piety, study, and action.

As most of you know, Alabama Cursillo is self-funding, relying on the generosity of Cursillistas. We pride ourselves on providing Cursillo weekends free-of-charge to all pilgrims, something that many dioceses cannot do. It costs approximately $10,000 for each weekend. The typical donations “in honor/memory of” don’t cover all costs of the five weekends for a year.

We want to make you aware of our financial needs and wanted to bring this to your attention so that we can keep Alabama Cursillo strong.

Please participate in annual planned donations for Cursillo.

We are forming La Sociedad Sustentadora – you guessed it -- The Sustainer Society. We are looking at least 250 individuals, couples, or reunion groups to make an annual pledge (just like you already do for your parish). Since $200 basically covers the cost of a pilgrim for the weekend, The Society will give special recognition to those contributions of at least $200 and ask that you add Alabama Cursillo to your ongoing planning at tax time every year!

The Alabama Cursillo community has always risen to the occasion and we hope that we can count on you to make an annual contribution. The easiest way to contribute is fill out this online form. Once you do that, you can click here to make your donation.

Your donations help keep Cursillo weekends free for all pilgrims and maintain our status as one of the strongest Cursillo communities in the nation.

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